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Robert Stacey, “Elizabeth Popham and David G. Pitt, eds. E.J. Pratt: Letters. University of Toronto Pess. vii, 751. $144.00,” University of Toronto Quarterly 88.3 (Summer 2019): 126–28.

Brian Trahearne, “Canadian Modernism at the Present Time,” Modernist Cultures 13.4 (2018): 465–95. [Includes an assessment of editorial interest in Canadian modernism, with a special focus on the *Klein and *Page projects]

David Johnstone, “Newfoundland Letters” [Review of E.J. Pratt: Letters, ed. *Elizabeth Popham and David G. Pitt], Canadian Literature (27 November 2017). Web.

John Reibetanz, “Non-Fiction Reviews” [Review of *Michele Rackham Hall, The Art of P.K. Irwin and *Margaret Steffler, ed., Mexican Journal], Malahat Review 200 (Fall 2017): 182–84.Image result for teamwork

Emily Ballantyne, “Page in the Darkness [Review of P.K. Page, Mexican Journal, ed. *Margaret Steffler]Canadian Literature 14 August 2017. Web.

Michelle Anne Schlinger, “The Art of P.K. Irwin: Observer, Other, Gemini” [Review], Foreward Reviews (25 May 2017). [*Michele Rackham Hall]

E.J. Pratt Letters: Letter of one of Canada’s first – and N.L. born – literary celebrities [*Beth Popham, David G. Pitt], Memorial University Gazette (7 April 2017).

Jay Ruzesky, “Struck by Lightening: An Interview with Zailig Pollock* for ‘P.K. Page at 100’,” Malahat Review (Fall 2016)

Jill Mandrake, “Page’s Pages” [brief review of Mexican Journal], Geist (2017)

Michelle Anne Schlinger, Mexican Journal” [Review]Foreward Reviews (26 July 2016). [*Margaret Steffler]

Celebrating Publications by Champlain Faculty Fellows  [*Margaret Steffler] by Ugyen Wangmo, Arthur (14 Apr. 2016)

The Journey is My Home: Early Travel Writing in Canada and Japan [*Suzanne Bailey], The Japan Foundation (Toronto ON, 21-22 Mar. 2016)

*James Neufeld, “Davies Diaries Electronic Edition,” Digital Scholarship Ontario (Jan. 30, 2016) — Part 1:  https://digitalscholarshipontario.org/2015/12/18/davies-diaries-electronic-edition/ and Part 2: https://digitalscholarshipontario.org/2016/01/30/davies-diary-electronic-edition-part-two/

“Robertson Davies Curtain Call,” Leading-Edge Research [*James Neufeld, *Joel Baetz], Trent Showcase (Fall 2015)

“Canadian Writer and Painter Draws Visiting Scholar to Trent University” (Dr. Magali Sperling Beck to study P.K. Page’s work with Trent masters students), Trent Showcase (7 Dec. 2015)

“Robertson Davies as diarist” [*James Neufeld], The Diary Review (6 Nov. 2015)

“Using Technology to Track the Evolution of the Written Word” [*Zailig Pollock], Trent Showcase (Fall 2014)

The Muted Note Performance Comes to Trent” (The work of celebrated poet P.K. Page translated into music and dance by award-winning performance artists), Trent Daily News (19 Sept. 2014)

“P.K. Page Remembered through academic and performance art” by Caleigh Boyle, Arthur (22 Sept. 2014)

“Interdisciplinary Project Brings P.K. Page Poems to the Stage,” News and Events, editingmodernism.ca (11 July 2014)

Posts about the DHSI course “A Collaborative Approach to XSLT” taught by *Zailig Pollock and Josh Pollock on the EMiC Community blog, editingmodernism.ca (3-15 June 2014):

Chris Doody, “The Digital Page: Brazilian Journal,” Research, editingmodernism.ca (4 March 2014)

Evelyn Deshane, “A Life Divided: A Review of P.K. Page’s Mexican Journal,” The Rusty Touque 6 (31 May 2014)

“*Zailig Pollock and The Digital Page,” Research, editingmodernism.ca (5 May 2013)

“*James Neufeld and the Davies Diaries Project,” Research, editingmodernism.ca (22 April 2013)

“*Margaret Steffler and P.K. Page’s Mexican Journal,” [*Margaret Steffler] Research, editingmodernism.ca (8 April 2013)

“Michele Rackham and P.K. Page,” Research, editingmodernism.ca (19 Dec. 2012)

Lia Skalkos, Brazilian Journal” [Review], Foreward Reviews (29 July 2012). [Edited by *Suzanne Bailey]

Elena Merrill, “Turn the Page,” Research, editingmodernism.ca (24 May 2011)

Sandra Djwa, “Paging P.K.,” Research, editingmodernism.ca (23 May 2011)

Bronwyn Scott, “The P.K. Page Letters,” Research, editingmodernism.ca (23 May 2011)

Chris Doody, “What I Learned as a Research Assistant,” Community, editingmodernism.ca (13 May 2011)

*Margaret Steffler, “Editing P.K. Page’s ‘Other’ Travel Writing,” Research, editingmodernism.ca (7 April 2011)

Rachel Mennies, Kaleidoscope” [Review]Foreward Reviews (1 March 2011). [*Zailig Pollock]

“Reflections on EMiC CEP [Conference on Editorial Problems],” News and Events / Research, editingmodernism.ca (26 Oct. 2010)

“Emily Ballantyne”Trent Graduate Profiles (June 2010)

“Trent Celebrates Canadian Cultural Icons P.K. Page and Arthur Irwin,” Trent Daily News (2 May 2009)

Rachel Mendelson, “Arthur Irwin and P.K. Page Have a Room of Their Own, Maclean’s (2 May 2009)

Judith Fitzgerald, [Review] “The Tree of Meaning: Thirteen Talks by Robert Bringhurst and The Filled Pen: Selected Non-Fiction of P.K. Page, ed. *Zailig Pollock,” Globe & Mail (7 April 2007). https://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/prose-and-cons-of-poetry/article722524/

“P.K. Page: Canadian Icon Leaves her Legacy at Trent”Trent Legacy Gifts and Their Impact

“Six Exemplary Citizens to Receive Honorary Degrees at Trent University’s 2004 Convocation Ceremonies”Trent News Releases (10 Feb. 2004)

Governor General’s Performing Arts Award Winner Appears at P.K. Page Concert . New Music Specialists, Area Performers Featured in Extraordinary Presence PerformanceTrent News Releases (2 Oct. 2002)

“Conference to Feature Celebrated Canadian Poet: P.K. Page”Trent News Releases (18 Sept. 2002)


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